Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ara Mina launches make-up line with Ever Bilena

Anyone who knows Ara Mina knows that having her own make-up line was really a long time coming. Not only is she passionate about helping women feel good about themselves through her skin care business, she also has a knack for easy, fuss-free make-up, which she hopes to share with moms and working women.

Ara Mina’s newest cosmetics line by Ever Bilena is designed for women
who lead a busy and fast-paced lifestyles

“I have a make-up technique I call ‘the finger way’ where I just use my fingers to apply make-up,” shared Ara. “It’s easy, fast and more practical because I use fewer tools.”

That is why, when presented with an opportunity to collaborate with the country’s leading cosmetics brand, Ever Bilena, she immediately took up the offer, bringing with her endless ideas to provide practical, no-fuss beauty solutions to every Filipina.

“Ara is an entrepreneur. She has her own bakeshop and a skin care business and she is also a mother,” shared Ever Bilena founder and CEO Dioceldo Sy. “She is the perfect fit for this collaboration because she knows her market, which is evident in every make-up product she has developed with us. We are excited to be finally working with her. ”

Thus, Ara Colours was born. Designed for women who lead busy, fast-paced lifestyles, Ara Colours offers products that are compact, great for multitasking, and  offers great value for money.   

All Ara Colours products are sized in such a way that they can conveniently fit in every woman’s beauty pouch. The products are also great for multitasking, which means each of her products offer multiple benefits in just one package. This is evident in Ara Colours Matte Lipstick, which is a 2-in-1 flat-shaped lipstick that can be used as lip liner and a lipstick at the same time; the Ara Colours Lip & Cheek Tint, which is a non-drying water-gel tint that can be used on the lips, cheeks, and even on the eyes; and the Ara Shimmer Eye Palette, which can be used for a fall-out free eye make-up and its light shades are perfect for highlighting your features as well.

Best of all, Ara Colours deliver real value for money. Ara, being a working mom herself, understands how women of today are more practical and financially matured. As such, customers can expect that Ara Colours can deliver exemplary results at affordable prices ranging from P175 to P245 only. 

“Busy moms and housewives should always look good even when they are at home. With Ara Colours, it’s easy to achieve because they’re all easy to apply and they’re very affordable too. We want beauty to be effortless,” said Ara.  

Ara Colours will be first launched online through Lazada in June. And will be exclusively available in Ever Bilena Direct Sales, which also aims to provide additional livelihood opportunity for Filipinas in all parts of the country.

For more information, visit Ara Colours Facebook page, and Instagram


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